Rev. Anthony H. Palmer, Born in Islington, North London, Eng,UK, Grew up with his Parents and is one of Eight Children in Forest Gate, East London. Even though his Mother who he regards as his greatest mentor, took him and his brothers often to Sunday school from a very young age of 8, Pastor Tony as he is also known to many, even then at that age had reverence and respect for the things of God, he use to love hearing those Bible stories about Jesus and learning about the things of God and would often look up to the sky and wonder about the greatness of the LORD, who was watching over him, He truly answered the Masters Call and received Jesus Christ into his Life and became a committed Born again Christian at age 25 at a COGIC convention at the Oval 1986, London,UK . Forsaking his former lifestyle that had been turbulent and traumatic at various times, especially in his late teens and early twenties, he received the same year the Power and a dynamic encounter with the Holy Spirit at a Morris Cerullo  World Evangelism (MCWE) European conference in June 1986.

Pastor Anthony H. Palmer is a Charismatic Spirit filled Servant of God with a Passionate Heart for seeing Change, Purpose, Fulfilment, in the lives of people and their God given Gifting and Talents become developed, the anointing upon his life is driven by the Spirit of Humility, Mercy and Compassion. He has a Rich Heritage of Service in the kingdom spanning over twenty years and stands on the biblical principles of Luke 16:12 “If you have not been faithful in that which is another man' s who can give you that which is your own”. He has been the Senior Pastor over the last 10 years with his precious wife, Co-Pastor & First Lady Mrs Claret Palmer at Life Changers Christian Ministries (LCCM) Int'l and Charity organisation, which they founded and launched in 2000 which has impacted the local community, assisted people from all walks of life, both near and far, and ministered to other charity organisations and Churches in various ways.

Prior to this, he has served faithfully and has been tutored and sat at the feet and mentored by some of the greatest Minds , in the Kingdom, that have helped to shape his personal and spiritual life, Men and Women of God in which he is eternally grateful to God for, Superintendant & Mother Wallace of COGIC, Pastors Charles & Gloria of DMI ,which are two great Churches that he learned and served in and volunteered extensively with World Evangelism from 1987-1993 based in the UK, between 1993 -2000 he served in one of Europe's Largest Churches in London as a Minister and a Satellite Church Resident Pastor and whilst there he also graduated from the Kingsway International School of Ministry (KISOM) under Snr. Pastors Matthew & Yemisi Ashimolowo of KICC . Pastor Anthony and his wife Co-Pastor Claret Palmer are affiliated to Potters House International Pastoral Alliance (PHIPA) founded by Bishop TD & First Lady Serita Jakes since 2001 which is based in Dallas Texas USA and in October 2002 were both ordained and affirmed by Bishop TD Jakes their Spiritual Father, He studied with Newburgh Seminary, Indiana, USA with a BA Degree in Pastoral Leadership.


Life Changers Christian Ministries is a ministry that over the years has been a platform from which Pastor Anthony has had the privilege through prayer, the word of God and their media Sky TV and internet ministry Program “It's time for Your Change” with Pastors Anthony & Claret Palmer, to counsel and minister to numerous people bringing, Wisdom, solutions and answers,to the Hurting, the Homeless, the sick, those in pain, the troubled, the broken hearted, the depressed, the unemployed, business persons, professionals, students, immigrants, Families, Relationships, single parents, youths, divorced, married, indebted, people here in London and various Cities in the United Kingdom, He has had the opportunity to minister to thousands in Durban, South Africa, Nigeria, Many States in the USA, Switzerland over the last 10 years has the Lord has directed them.


God has blessed His word and many have been delivered, set free, received healings there breakthroughs, with miracle signs and wonders following . Pastor Anthony is a Son, Brother, Father, Husband, A family man who loves and adores his Wife and children; A Dear Friend to many who appreciate, respect and value him, A businessman, Prophetic Preacher, Evangelist, Servant of God he is also a sharp budding Business entrepreneur, manager and leader.


With a cutting edge vision to see people discover their potential and be trained to become the best that they can be, he is driven with a passion to communicate as a speaker with motivation encouragement and inspiration, with years of Retail Sales experience having worked with some of the leading retailers in the country some of his past accomplishments before Ministry have been in establishing with his wife Dunamis Enterprise Int'l, a family Clothing Retail Sales & Hire Company, Queen Esther's Bridal Gowns &Wedding services, Hair & Beauty Salon and Kings Menswear ,setting up and running LCCM a Life Changing Charity Organisation, he operated a business centre in which he rented out office spaces at the LCCM office complex and helped house and looked after many tenants for many years who needed accommodation, now the latest endeavour he has is to set up a Leadership Management learning and training Academy, host seminars, conferences ,concerts, Talk & Talent Show , develop an online lifelong learning website which will focus on short intensive programs and courses designed to help heads of co-operations , private institutions , Business Companies ,Management Teams, Directors, CEO's, leaders, staff, people from all walks of life in general, adapt, become equipped, sharpened ,focused and obtain new or better work and life skills for their working environment and God Given Task and assignment.


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